Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AreaRepresent an Area of the map
BoxA Box screen hook
ControlThis class represents out of game (OOG) Control s
D2BSScriptRepresents a script (a thread), created by either loading a file, or typing something in the console
DBStatementA class describing ..
ExitRepresents a method of getting from one Area to another
FileThis class handles the opening, reading and writing of files
FileToolsA collection of tools to do things like move files and determine whether files exist
FolderRepresents a folder
FrameThis class represents a screen hook for a Frame
ImageThis class represents a screen hook for a Image
LineA 2d line
MeThe class that represents the controlled unit
PartyRepresents the items in the list in the Party screen
PresetUnitRepresents a PresetUnit (a type of Unit that is available as soon as the Area data is available)
ProfileThis class represents the details needed to get a player to a game or lobby
RoomRepresents a "Room" in the game
SandboxA separate context to run scripts in
SQLiteClass for dealing with an SQLite database
TextA Text screen hook
UnitThis class represents a unit (monster, wp, npc, character, etc) in the game